Teachers At Academy Of The Enchanted Arts

My name is Georgie (she/her) and I’m so happy you’re here!

Welcome to The Academy Of The Enchanted Arts, where a tapestry of creative souls comes together, and where each teacher is a vibrant thread weaving a narrative of awe, wonder, enchantment, and reverence for the arts.

From accomplished artists whose brushstrokes tell stories untold, to musicians whose melodies echo through the corridors of inspiration, our eclectic team includes intuitives, astrologers, dancers, and more.

Each teacher at The Academy shares a common vision—to guide you on a journey where every encounter with the arts is a moment of enchantment.

Together, we create an illuminating portal for enchanted living, where the realms of creativity, intuition, and cosmic understanding converge. Join us in this diverse community of kindred spirits who, like you, seek to experience the profound magic and miracles embedded in the tapestry of artistic expression.

Shirley Ann Aphrodite: Deputy Head Teacher

Meet Shirley Ann Aphrodite, the enchanting Deputy Headteacher at the Academy and our esteemed Senior Teaching Professor, known as our precious Lover.

With a heart that breathes only for love, Shirley Ann is the embodiment of romance, making her the most beautiful rose in our academic garden. Her passion for love and the poetic intricacies of romance makes her not just a teacher but the most exquisite work of art.  

Shirley Ann's teaching prowess shines brightest in The Language Of Flowers, where she delicately guides students through the enchanting language of Rose, unraveling the mysteries of love and passion in every petal. Under her guidance, students not only learn about the symbolism of Roses, but also experience the transformative power of love as expressed through the delicate poetry of petals.

In The Academy Of The Enchanted Arts, Shirley is a beacon of warmth, grace, and love. Her presence is a testament to the Academy's commitment to fostering a space where every aspect of life, even education, is an art and a a masterpiece painted with the hues of love and passion.

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