The Journal of the Academy of The Enchanted Arts

The Journal of the Academy of The Enchanted Arts

Where the art's enchantment and awe is unlocked

The world longs for enchantment. Within the pixelated pages of The Journal, find the keys to unlock the mystical power hidden in the arts. Through virtual museum meanderings, interviews with creative visionaries, spotlights on imaginative exhibitions, and tutorials that reveal the magic behind masterpieces, The Journal restores wonder to weary souls. Here, teachings from history's great artistic minds wait to be uncovered, ready to ignite your imagination. Wander through galleries from afar, pore over brushstroke techniques, and dive deep into art analyses - The Journal revives the enchanted teachings of the masters. For art lovers and the art curious, it nourishes creativity, nourishes dreams, and nourishes you. The world needs more magic, more meaning. Let The Journal be your guide.

Georgie Foster | Oct 08, 2023

Step into the mesmerising world of Simeon Solomon's 'Night,' where the poppy becomes a silent narrator of ephemeral dreams.

Georgie Foster | Sep 27, 2023

Delve into Floriography - the Victorian Language Of Flowers. See how Pre-Raphaelites like Millais wove poetic meaning into blooms in their ...