Diversity Statement

At the Academy, our mission is firmly grounded in the conviction that each individual possesses a unique and magical essence, destined to enrich the world.

As we nurture and bring forth this innate brilliance, we believe that the collective tapestry of humanity becomes more vibrant and the world transforms into a better place.

Our commitment extends beyond unlocking the doors of understanding in art and music history; it includes dismantling the barriers that systemic injustices, racism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and homophobia impose. These exploitative systems directly contradict our mission of fostering creativity and empowerment.

While our roots lie in the Western history of art and music, we are resolute in using the Academy platform to amplify voices and stories often marginalised or forgotten in traditional narratives.

Our dedication to a radically collaborative model encompasses power, profits, aesthetics, and success. We envision a space where diverse perspectives converge, fostering an environment where creativity knows no bounds.

As a tangible expression of our commitment, we introduce the Academy Creative Scholarship Fund.

This initiative goes beyond rhetoric; it's a pledge to match every contribution raised, directing the entirety toward tuition for creatives at the Academy School of Art and Music Enchantment.

Through this fund, we aim to break down financial barriers, ensuring that access to education and opportunity is equitable and inclusive.

Together, we strive to create a community where everyone's creative potential is not only recognized but also nurtured for the betterment of all. Thank you so deeply for your support for someone in our community.

Please click here to make your donation towards the Academy Creative Scholarship Fund