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Claude Monet's Enchanted Paradise

Discover the sights and sounds of Impressionism through an enchanted tour of Claude Monet's garden in Giverny, France

Imagine this.....

I want you to picture something….  

Imagine waking up to a garden in Northern France filled with more nature and beauty than you have ever experienced.  

The air is a heady fragrance of intoxicating scents of the sweetest florals, and the exuberant colours of irises, peonies and roses are all around you.  

Butterflies flit around from flower to flower drinking up the sunbeams of a tender Spring bloom.  

The sunlight dances on the water with a shining light that shimmers joyfully.  

You feel utter serenity, and your whole mind, body and soul has escaped the mundane of your everyday life.

It almost seems surreal to experience such wonderment.  

Does this only sound like something you could only experience in your dreams?  

Well, what if I told you that this serenly magical experience can not only be something sublime in your imagination, but that can also become a deeply embodied experience in your reality that awakens your wildest seeds of everyday enchantment?

Introducing: Claude Monet's Enchanted Paradise

I remember visiting Claude Monet's breathtaking gardens at Giverny in France when I was a little girl and each visit since is an experience that forever enchants me.

When you step into Monet's enchanted garden and house in Giverny, France, you intimately understand how Monet was inspired to heavenly artistry after wandering through his very own flower gardens, alongside his lily ponds and over his picturesque Japanese style bridge.  

Do you desire to experience Claude Monet's enchanted garden in Giverny and learn how to cultivate your own heaven on Earth?  

Do you also long to experience the sights and sounds of other elements of the Impressionist period with the music that shaped this period of history?    

This Spring, The Academy Of The Enchanted Arts invites you to experience the debut workshop experience titled 'Claude Monet's Enchanted Paradise' currently on a Beta exclusive pre-order discount.

Through this workshop experience, we will journey through Monet's garden together and explore the sights and sounds that still enchants the world through the period of Impressionism.

Your Pathway To Experiencing Monet's Enchanted Paradise

This workshop is a wonder-filled, inspiring, highly creative and enchanting experience to connect you deeply and intimately to the Impressionist period through Claude Monet's Garden. On our pathway here are a few of my favourite things for you to explore....

Monet's Garden Visualisation

Sink your senses into a bespoke Monet's Garden visualisation to take you onto a path of serenity made exclusively for The Academy Of The Enchanted Arts. On our journey together exploring Monet's Garden, allow for this visualisation to be a tool so that you can imagine your own enchanted paradise that you can bring forth your own wonder-filled creations into the world just like the Impressionists did. Just like Monet, it is this very uniqueness that we need in our world. When life overwhelms you, the gift of this meditation will allow for you to surrender to the flow and current of life.

VALUE: $47

An Interactive Workshop

During this workshop, I will help you discover an intimate experience into Claude Monet's garden, and provide an introduction to the accompanying music and literature of the Impressionist period so  that you will feel that you are there with me. This workshop journey contains lovingly curated video lessons from Monet's Garden in Giverny alongside a beautiful bespoke craft and writing activity that you will complete at the end of the workshop. This journey will fill your heart and spirit with wonder, reverence and enchantment.   

VALUE: $277

The Café Guerbois Community

Have you ever wished for a community like the Impressionists who met consistently in Paris? Well, look no further because this is your very own Café Guerbois community space to discuss your passion for the enchantment of the arts. Here, we will gather together just like the Impressionists did in 19th Century Paris to share our creative adventures, projects, book recommendations and everything related to the Academy Of The Enchanted Arts curriculum and beyond. This is hosted on the course platform so far away from any social media distraction!

VALUE: Priceless 🥰

"Thank you for bringing us such richness and depth of the exquisite world of art and it’s history."

Shirley Ann Aphrodite

Does an adventure to Monet's garden sound utterly dreamy? It truly IS! And it's now yours to explore in this wonder-filled workshop. Are you ready to come on this adventure?

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Georgie (she/her)

Let's discover Monet's Enchantment together

Hi, I’m Georgie, founder of 'Academy Of The Enchanted Arts', former founder of internationally renowned handmade hair accessory boutique 'Beauxoxo', curator of the enchanted living blog 'Georgie xoxo' and a mentor for creative soulful entrepreneurs.

Once upon a time, whilst deeply unsatisfied with my rigid art and music history education, coupled with managing spiralling chronic health conditions and an unaligned University environment, I became deeply depressed and longed to open my own online school that focussed on the symbiotic relationship between the arts.  

Fast forward to today, I'm now on a deeply personal mission to inspire creative, highly-sensitive and enchanted souls just like you to experience arts education steeped in enchantment so that you are able to enter into a world of deep reverence and awe.    

When I hear a piece of music, or when I look at a great work of art, to me it's a portal to the divine through the door that the artists have left open.    

These creatives truly are the mystics that continue to grace us with their gifts so that we can then walk through their door and experience the world around us with more awe and wonder than we could possibly imagine.

It is with this sense of rapture and awe in relation to the arts that I guide my students in the Academy so that you can marvel at the wonders of the history of art and music.

If you have even resonated with 5% of the above, I know we’ve not met by accident, and that we were destined to meet. I can't wait to meet and welcome you into the Academy!

I bet you're wondering the answers to....

This will be an evergreen workshop that you can be enjoyed whenever is right for you!

This Spring, The Academy Of The Enchanted Arts invites you to experience the debut workshop experience titled 'Claude Monet's Enchanted Paradise' currently on a Beta exclusive pre-order discount. From May 2022 onwards, the workshop experience will be drip-fed allowing time for feedback that will truly shape all Academy workshops to come. From the early Summer of 2022, this workshop will be finalised with the support of my Beta community and ready to be savoured in its entirety! From this moment, the workshop price will change from $47 to $97.

The Beta workshop price is $45. This is £34.46, €41.61, $59.55 CAD, $64.69 AUD, $70.56 NZD

After May 2022 this workshop is $97 USD so in other currencies this is roughly £73 GBP, €91 in EUR, $123 CAD, $131 AUS, $141 NZD. 

Due to the fact that this is a Beta workshop experience that is offered at a very low price that you help me to create with your feedback along the way, there are no refunds for this particular offering.

I would love to hear from you! My email is georgie@academyoftheenchantedarts.com

Do you long to experience the enchantment of Claude Monet's Garden and have the most wonder-filled artistic and musical adventure?

About the exclusive Beta Pre-Order Timeline

In May of 2022 I will visit Monet's Garden in Giverny and begin to shape this experience with the loving feedback and support of my Beta student community.

 The first elements of the workshop will be drip-fed in May and will then be fully finalised in the early Summer of 2022.  

Would you like to take advantage of this special opportunity to shape this enchanted experience with the world?

Your support means the absolute world to me and I can't wait to meet to meet you inside the Academy to begin this most enchanted journey together.  

As a thank you for your cherished support, all Beta students will be able to access these exclusive bonuses as they wait for the workshop to come together: 

1) Monet's Garden visualisation 
2) A handwritten postcard from Monet's Garden 
3) The Academy Café Guerbois community
4) A private Impressionist playlist
5) The chance to win gifts from Monet's Garden in Giverny

Exclusive Pre-Order Price


Your exclusive one-time payment to access the debut Academy Of The Enchanted Arts workshop that will retail for $97 in the early Summer of 2022.

* Bonus 1: Monet's Garden Visualisation
* Bonus 2: The Academy Community
* Bonus 3: Handwritten postcard from Monet's Garden

* Bonus 4: A private Impressionist playlist
* Bonus 5: The chance to win gifts from Monet's Garden in Giverny

Do you have a question about the this workshop at the Academy Of The Enchanted Arts? Please email me at georgie@academyoftheenchantedarts.com

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